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Enas A. Ahmed, Egypt

Enas A. Ahmed, PhD. is an Egyptian lecturer at the Dept. of Petroleum, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Science at the Matrouh University in Mersa Matrouh, Egypt.

Enas is the first lady in Egypt and the Middle East to have an MSc and Ph.D. in the field of Vertebrate Paleontology. Between 2015 and 2018, she was a paleontologist at the Egyptian Geological Museum, where she was guiding visitors to understand geosciences in simple ways.

In the past 15 years, she has been conducting many international and national workshops, and lectures, on vertebrate paleontology, geoparks, geotourism, SDGs, and climate change as her areas of research. She is developing a map for the potential geoparks across Egypt and Africa.

Enas is the first female Egyptian Vertebrate Paleontologist, and the first Egyptian/African female member of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council.

She works hard to promote geosciences, geoparks, and geotourism in Africa by establishing Matrouh University Geoparks and SDGs (MUGS) Center which will integrate research, outreach, and conservation efforts at Matrouh University in Egypt.


Expertise: Academia & GeoScience

Member Since: March 20th, 2022