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About Us

GoGeoparks is committed to helping local producers, businesses, and service providers which are often rooted in a very long history of the people of their region as well as the surrounding areas. These groups have a strong relationship if it is seen well that geoparks aggrandize it perfectly and scientifically.

Mission: is a link to the international geopark community. It promotes the associated trades and businesses supporting a geopark, named GeoPartners. Membership is open to all geoparks, regardless of UNESCO status.

Vision: brings the world to the geoparks alliance, thereby supporting the protection of the regional natural, and cultural heritage. Endorsing the profile of a geopark, and GeoProducts, will bring sustainable development through employment opportunities, while also generating revenue support through tourism, lodging accommodations, merchants, and artisans. In parallel, enhancing visibility for all geoparks.

We try to simplify the concept of geoparks for the public and our database guides you to enjoy your site visits with open-eyes, to become a visitor instead of a tourist, to contribute to the future of our fragile environment, and to love our planet more than ever.

Thank you for your attention to this platform and for referring it to your connections. We incrementally upload data to make a reliable information center for your comfort.

We are experienced professionals endeavoring to make this excellent platform host all Geoparks and Geoparkians in the world.

  • Maziar (Qaseminjad) Adab, M. Arch., Iran & Canada
    • Project Lead
    • Geopark Development and Masterplanning Expert
    • Consultant Architect and Planner at Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark, Iran, 2005 to 2017
    • Geopark Planning Expert at JICA Project in Qeshm Island UGGP Geopark, Iran, 2015 to 2018
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  • Satoko Hara, M.Sc. Japan
    • Project Advisor, Sales & Publich Relations
    • Tourism and Infrastructure Expert
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  • Denny Diveley, M.S., USA
    • Project Advisor, GeoSicentist
    • Paleontologist
    • Business Analyst at Boston Scientific, Marlborough, MA
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Our special thanks to Hamid Mosaddegh professional Graphic Designer to put his time and expertise into designing the logos, and Ahmad Nahvi (Click) for his hard work in developing and maintain this platform.