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What we do

GoGEOPARKS is an online platform based in Canada and Japan, designed, developed and operating to support local businesses within Geoparks by linking them together. It makes the Geopark concept easy to get subject to all; helps experts to be seen; assists tourists to enjoy their visits with more-open-eyes and become responsible visitors. It is a unique roof for all geoparks and geoparkians to showcase themselves to the world through a single window.

This e-platform has been designed to be a reliable home to all local people of geoparks in the world by emphasizing on their services, businesses and partners inside the territory of one or more geoparks.

We dream to see all local partners can easily find and update their service on the platform and easily interact with and learn from their colleagues from other geoparks. So, we draw our hands to you to realize this dream.

The door of the home is open for 24 hours, 7 days to all members of the family of geoparks. We are committed to keeping this home clean and easy to access for both guests and hosts. So, please do not be shy and contact us today.

All costs of the website including design, publication, test, and maintenance is paying by the founders and the members will be never charged for these costs.



Following definitions are not official or academic purpose, but as GoGEO has defined:

Geopark: According to the UNESCO website, UNESCO Global Geoparks are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development. Their bottom-up approach of combining conservation with sustainable development while involving local communities is becoming increasingly popular. We support this definition and welcome all listed or aspiring geopark regardless of their level or listing.

Platform: Website www.gogeoparks.com is an online environment to facilitate the communication among the people involved in geoparks regardless their place, type, or preferences. We call this environment a platform or an e-platform.

Member: Any person (individual, incorporative, state, provincial, etc.) who applies to be shown in this platform and is published.

Membership: Membership starts when one shares its information.

Geo-Partner: A geo-partner or partner is any private or non-for-profit identity that is located and registered within territory of a geopark. Partners who are labelled with a geopark will be represented on the platform with a special look.

Geo-Event: Any event that is related to the concept of geoparks. We encourage everyone to share their ongoing or upcoming events with us. 

Geo-Expert: An individual consultant, skilled person, or specialist who dedicated their time and expertise in or with a geopark for a minimum of three years, did a significant action for geoparks, or possess an outstanding relevant experience. Another GeoExpert should sponsor a new applicant. Geologists, conservationists, planners, signage contractors, artists, and educators are some samples. We do not rank the approved experts.

Geo-Map: Any kind of visual printed or digital drawing that helps to understand a geopark. We are looking for simple, fun, and cute maps that are scientifically correct to publish.

Geo-Product: Geo-Products are any tangible and buyable material or service that are produced in the territory of a geopark and follow and try to promote the values of that geopark. Products may also help visitors to memorize their experience. We persuade all business owners or geopark authorities to share products’ specs (images, videos, texts, etc.) with us to be presented to the world.

Geo-Food: A gift from the land and sea that represents food culture in a particular region. Geo-food can be any edible geo-product that tries to highlight the cycle of production, consuming, and returning to nature with a creative demonstration of the geological features of the territory. Food can be found in a local restaurant, catering, local bazaar, eating area, café and so on.

Sponsor/donor: Any person who donates funds or facilities to the project. We have no plan to collect donations presently.



  1. Membership means to be visible on this platform to the public without any limitation. Members can be an individual, incorporation, state, or any other types of identity.

  2. Membership in this platform is voluntary and will be ended by the request of the member. It is open to all geoparks and people who are involved in a geopark.

  3. Membership is Free of Charge for all approved members including individuals, incorporations, institutes, administrative, etc. The status is subject to change, but members would be informed in advance.

  4. Membership of GeoExperts is and will remain Free of Charge forever. They will be listed under the section of the Geo-Experts directory with any decsription that they like. Expert means any skilled and effective person who is or was giving a professional service to a geopark. Researchers, geoscientists, salespersons, suppliers, managers, staff, supervisors, policy-writers, etc who dedicated at least three years of their professional life for a geopark, are some examples only. The level or the field of education is not an issue vs. pragmatic experience. A reference is requiered.



All geopark authorities, local businesses, services, suppliers, experts, located in the territory of a UNESCO Global Geopark, a National Geopark, a Transnational Geopark or an Aspiring Geoparks are invited to be registered.


Benefits of listing

You will be seen in a single platform that is designed exclusively for the Partners and Experts that are working within the geoparks. We work hard to promote the platform in international events, and professional media.


How to apply

For more information, please click.


What to submit

Share any pieces of the following information after you are admitted to the platform. Your information is not necessarily a perfect pack, we can help you to improve it. It is the responsibility of the sender to check the ownership, right, courtesy, and credit of materials. We solely publish what you shared with us. Please do not share any info that you don’t wish to be visible with others. Never send us any physical material or originals.

Geoparks: Formal full name, slogan (shown as your title), short description, full description, 3-4 photos, logo, head-quarter’s address (and Lat/Lon), phone, email, website, instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.

Geo-Partners: Name of the business, type of business (i.e. restaurant, tour guide, guesthouse, etc.), type of the ownership (private, incorporation, state, provincial, etc.), short description, full description, 3 to 4 photos, location address (and Lat/Lon), phone, associated geopark, twitter, facebook, website, instagram, youtube, etc.

Geo-Experts: Name, last name, description, one photo, e-mail, linkedin, phone, associated geopark or geoparks (your thumbnail would be visible on that given geoparks), twitter, facebook, website, instagram, youtube, etc.


Privacy notes

Your privacy matters. www.gogeoparks.com is a registered web domain in Canada and follows the legislation and regulations of this country. We do not share the information of the members by any means unless the owner of the information permits us. We emphasise that we never submit any sensitive or confidential information regardless of its ownership to us. Please let us know immediately if it has happened by chance, if you changed your mind for any reason, if you noticed that later on, or your parties or partners asked you. We do not collect and save your IP address records. However, analytical collectors like google may do so, that is not under our control. We have the right to change or remove improper contents from the pages.



The project was founded and owned by Maziar Qaseminejad from Canada, and Satoko Hara from Japan in September 2019 and is evolving. Maziar worked for Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark as an associate consultant for Master Planning and Architectural Design services between 2005 and 2018. Satoko is an internationally experienced professional who has worked in the fields of Tourism and Infrastructure for over 20 years. She worked in many developing countries in Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. For more click.



The language of the platform is English, however some partners or members may provide other languages.



We strive to keep the platform alive and refreshed forever with the help of our valuable members, visitors, and readers. Meanwhile, we keep the right to terminate this project for any reason without precaution. So, please keep the original materials with yourself. Members can ask to be revoked anytime for any reason.


Updated terms & conditions

The most updated version of this document is published over the website (this page).


Version: 09 January, 2022