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How to Apply

Please apply now, if you are one of these:

  1. A Geopark: A UNESCO Global Geopark, a National Geropark, an Inter-Nation Geopark, or an Aspiring Geopark;

  2. A GeoPartner: It can be a local business that is located in the territory of a geopark and is already certified. Some examples: hotels, restaurants, supplier, shop owner, fishing club;

  3. A GeoExpert: An individual who has pragmatic experience in a geopark for more than three years, with reference.

NOTE: As a Geopark representative, you may connect us to your Geo-Partners and Geo-Experts as well. We also welcome tourist map (for GeoMaps section) or events (to be published at GeoEvents page). FREE OF CHARGE!


Express your interest

Read the most updated Terms & Conditions then go to the Contact Us page and leave a message. You may contact us directly via our Facebook group page for any questions.


We contact you

Once we get an Express of Interest, we request you some information and upload it. You will be able to change or drop it at any time. Sending information to us means you fully understand and agree with the Terms & Conditions.


No one is perfect

Please share any pieces of the following information after you are admitted to the platform. Your information is not necessarily perfect, we will help you to improve it. Please only send the materials that you are sure you have the right for publishing. Do not share anything that you don’t wish to be seen by others.


We publish your info

We initially publish a draft and inform you that the draft is there, then we work together to improve it step by step. You may wish to change your contents time by time. We are committed to refreshing your page.


Keep your info refreshed

All contents are editable and removable for the admins of the platform so, no panic and change your mind anytime in the future, but let us know right away. Applying your requested changes may take up to one week, but removal can be immediate!

Please keep an eye open on the Terms and Conditions that are always available on the downloads page. You can end your membership any time.


Version: 09 January, 2022