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Mehdi Abbasi, Iran

Mehdi worked as a Geo-guide after completing his academic education at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship at the University of Tehran with a dissertation titled "Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Geo-tourism sector, Case Study: Jolfa city, Iran". Then he had been assigned to establish Aras National Geopark from scratch and manage it for 14 years (until 2020) within Jolfa Free Economic Zone in North West Iran in 2006, where he eventually he and his crew took that Geopark to the point that it is waiting for UNESCO Global Geoparks Network badge. Aras Geopark is located in a geopolitically important area in Iran where its border meets Azerbaijan and Armenia which is a great capacity of having a progressive and vibrant transnational Geopark territory.

During his 14 years of hard work, he and his wonderful team of staff and consultants discovered, promoted and protected awesome Geo-sites, supplied access to many unique sites to the public, and renovated some listed natural and cultural heritage.

Mehdi is interested in the establishment of rural museums. Working at Aras Geopark blessed him to experiment with his innovative mind and put efforts to Golfaraj Eco- Museum and Historical Museum of Khodafrin which are considered as the most visited destinations within the region from nothing in 2005.

Development of SMEs in Geoparks is Mehdi's specialty. In addition to publishing some books and articles, he mentors start-up people and conducts educational workshops related to entrepreneurship in Geoparks and Natural Heritage Sites.

“GeoParker website” and “GeoparkerOnline Instagram” page as two professional platforms in the field of Geo-tourism and Geoparks belonging to him.

As a member of the founding board of the National Geoparks Network of Iran, Mehdi plays an important role in his community.


Expertise: Tourism & Entrepreneurship

Joined: April 9, 2023