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Sara Gentilini, Italy

My name is Sara, I am 43, I am Italian, I love sport and nature.

I am living half of my time in Norway, where I have contributed for 12 years to develop the amazing Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, and where I have established my Company and my family.

I am an historian and archaeologist with passion for cultural and natural heritage, sustainability, and local food.

I have been working in the field of UNESCO Global Geoparks since 2009, developing more than 20 international projects in the field of education, culture, technologies, heritage interpretation and education and have become UNESCO Global Geoparks evaluator in 2019.

I am the inventor and funder of the GEOfood international movement for the development of local communities in the frame of the UNSDGs.

My Phd research topic is "Earth Science-The role of Ecosystem Services in the assessment of abiotic nature within two UNESCO Global Geoparks".


Expertise: Archeology, History, GEOfood.

Joined: April 18, 2023