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Percé UNESCO Global Geopark, Canada

500 million years of Earth history to explore, thousands of memories to bring back.

The UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé is located at the eastern end of the Gaspe peninsula, in eastern Quebec, Canada. Gaspe is a native american word which means Lands End.

Its territory presents two distinct environments: terrestrial and marine. The terrestrial environment has various landforms carved by the passage of giant glaciers, while the marine environment offers a great diversity of landscapes like cliffs, islands, beaches and bays. This area contains several ecosystems that give the region its diversity in flora and fauna. The most remarkable geological formation is the Percé Rock, which is a massive limestone block with an arch and an obelisk. The french word Percé means pierced, in reference to the hole that is pierced within the limestone by erosion. The Percé Rock contains 150 species of different fossils such as brachiopod, trilobites, dalmanites, corals and marine worms from the Devonian period.

Percé has a rich history that goes back to the arrival of Jacques Cartier in 1534.  Percé also witnessed the birth of geology in Canada, since it was in this region that Sir William Logan, the first director of the Geological Survey of Canada, began the geological mapping of Canada. The rich cultural and historic aspects of the region are celebrated within our Geopark. Native american culture is also celebrated, with all signage in english, french and Mi'kmaq, the language of the native inhabitants.

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Percé UNESCO Global Geopark, Canada
Percé UNESCO Global Geopark, Canada
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