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A Heritage Made With Seridoenses’ Spices

Seridó is a pure connection concerning nature, culture and peoples on a unique territory.

Sometimes we feel that our heritage was made especially from the seridoenses. Our caatinga ecosystem remarks our resilience for semiarid climate. Our geomorphology between mountains and valleys shows our capacity to never gives up. Our hard rocks talk about our strength and our ores and mineral resources bright like our eye’s hopefuls for a sustainable future.

The Seridó’s geoheritage consists mainly in a Neoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks, containing scheelite, molybdenite, sulphides mineralization, and Neoproterozoic to Cambrian intrusive rocks with distinct petrological characteristics, including mineralized pegmatites with gems, metals and industrial minerals. Beyond this, the Mesozoic sedimentary rocks compound the geological background too. These rocks sustain mountains ranges, inselbergs, tors, plateaus and others imponent geomorphological features, like minors geoforms or natural tanks with megafauna fossils as well.

Seridó is located in Northeast Brazil and is the second Brazilian geopark. Here, all the work and dedication are based in a love for people to people by the nature.

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Photo credit: Silas Samuel, Geoparque Serid


Serido UGGp, Brazil
Serido UGGp, Brazil
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